Top 3 Haunted Houses in the US



If you are looking for spooky stuffy this season, search no further than at the haunted houses in the US. These haunted attractions strive to make visitors feel as if they are experiencing a real-life horror movie. In some houses, you will get them going as far as using computer animations, virtual reality, and giant monsters to give the scarily feeling that visitors want to experience. The article gives a detailed list of top 3 haunted houses the US.


  1. McKamey Manor


It is an insanely extreme home that tops this list due to use of great scare tactics that are already of limit to the professional attractions. Many people fear this place because they don’t know if any scaring attraction they will use will be 100%. Most participants are blood covered all over their body as if it’s homemade anti aging skin care and they can’t get enough of it, and are seen forced to eat things that would disgust anyone. As if that is not is not enough, you will see participants being threatened with very sophisticated tools or even being submerged in water for several minutes.


It is not a wonder to see them being stuffed into a cloth drier or worse being physically assaulted. Don’t forget at his horrific experience usually is set to last for not less than 8 hours. In this essence, the McKamey manor haunted house located in San Diego, California is viewed as the most haunting one among the top houses.


  1. The blackout haunted House


It is located in New York and has a branch in California; featuring only adult contents. There is extreme violence which is also filled with frontal nudity as well as other sexual instances. It is highly recommended that you enter this place alone, but you have to sign a waiver first. This house earned the second position of the most extreme off-season events for combining their unique brand of an immersive horror theater and other adult contents. You will see people being abducted in their vans, faux waterboarded, rolled naked on sheets of plastic or forced to walk barefoot using used condoms.


It has an unpredictable experience, and the entire experience is ever shocking, exhilarating and at times upsetting.The victim’s experience is usually incredibly intense, and you have to go through it all alone! It I not a wonder to find out that, participants are forced to experience extreme physical contacts, simulated drowning and some form of light torture. One of the guests was overheard saying “this place is intense scaring and painful than any other haunted house I have entered” if you have plans to visit this place, be prepared for some scary things such as live electric shocks, firing squads, and professional wrestlers.


  1. The cult


It is located at the New Hampshire in Northern Conway and accepts adults only. You have to enter alone, face extreme violence, live animals, sexual undertones as well as extreme physical contact. Some visitors confess having being forced to drink faux urine, being bounded and gagged or getting cockroaches to crawl over their bodies.


For you to enter the top 3 haunted houses in the US, you must be bold, fearless and have decided that it I what you want, else, you might end up extremely upset! In most instances, you have to be over 18 years.


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